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Academic publications

Academic publications by Banque de France economists

Barthélemy J., M. Marx (Forthcoming), “Solving Rational Expectations Models” Handbook on Computational Economics and Finance.

Barthélemy J., G. Cléaud (Forthcoming), “Trade Balance and Inflation Fluctuations in the Euro Area”,Macroeconomic Dynamics.

Castelletti Font B., P. Clerc, M. Lemoine (Forthcoming), Should euro area countries cut taxes on labour or capital in order to boost their growth?, Economic Modelling.

Chapelle, Vignolles and Wolf (Forthcoming) Impact of a Housing Tax Credit on Local Housing Markets: Evidence from France, Annals of Economics and Statistics, June 2018 Special issue on housing and urban issues.

Charnoz P., C. Lelarge, C. Trevien (Forthcoming), “Communication Costs and the Internal Organization of Multi-Plant Businesses: Evidence from the Impact of the French High-Speed Rail”, Economic Journal.

Chinn M., L. Ferrara, R. Giacomini (Forthcoming), “Impact of uncertainty shocks on the global economy”,Journal of International Money and Finance.

Cette G., S. Corde, R. Lecat (Forthcoming), “Rupture de tendance de la productivité en France: quel impact de la crise ?”, Économie et Statistique.

Ferrara L., O. Darné, A. Charles (Forthcoming), “Does the Great Recession imply the end of the Great Moderation? International Evidence”, Economic Inquiry.

Ferrara L., P. Guérin (Forthcoming), “What are the macroeconomic effects of high-frequency uncertainty shocks?”, Journal of Applied Econometrics.

Fève P., J. Matheron & J.-G. Sahuc (2018), “The Horizontally S-Shaped Laffer Curve”, Post-Print.

Fève P., P. Garcia, J.-G. Sahuc (2018), “State-Dependend Risk Taking and the Transmission of Monetary Policy,” Economics Letters 164, 10-14.

Gaballo G. (Forthcoming), “Price Dispersion, Private Uncertainty, and Endogenous Nominal Rigidities”,Review of Economic Studies.

Grjebine T., U. Szczerbowicz, F. Tripier (2018), “Corporate debt structure and economic recoveries,”European Economic Review 101, 77-100.

Hémet C., C. Malgouyres (Forthcoming), “Diversity and Employment Prospects: Neighbors Matter!”,Journal of Human Resources.

Istrefi K., S. Mouabbi (Forthcoming), “Subjective Interest Rate Uncertainty and the Macroeconomy: A cross-country analysis”, Journal of International Money and Finance.

Lopez P. (Forthcoming), “A New Keynesian Q theory and the link between inflation and the stock market”, Review of Economic Dynamics 29, July, 85-105.

Mogliani M., G. Urga (Forthcoming), “On the instability of long-run money demand and the welfare cost of inflation in the U.S.”, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.

Alvaredo F., B. Garbinti, T. Piketty (2017), “On the Share of Inheritance in Aggregate Wealth: Europe and the United States 1900-2010”, Economica Vol. 84 Issue 334 Pages 239-260.

Barthélemy J., M. Marx (2017), “Solving Endogenous Regime Switching Models”, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control Vol. 77 Pages 1-25.

Berardi N., F. Marzo (2017), “The Elasticity of Poverty with respect to Sectoral Growth in Africa”, Review of Income and Wealth Vol. 63 Issue 1 Pages 147-168.

Bergeaud, G. Cette, R. Lecat (2017), “Total Factor Productivity in Advanced Countries: A Long-term Perspective”, International Productivity Monitor Vol. 32 Spring.

Berthou, H. Ehrhart (2017). “Trade networks and colonial trade spillovers”, Review of International Economics Vol. 25 Issue 4 Pages 891-923.

Bussière M., J. Schmidt, F. Vinas (2017) “International Banking and Cross-Border Effects of Regulation: Lessons from France”, International Journal of Central Banking, March.

Bignon V., E. Caroli, R. Galbiati (2017), “Stealing to Survive? Crime and Income Shock in 19th Century France”, Economic Journal Vol. 127, Issue 599 Pages 19-49.

Cette G., R. Lecat, C. Ly-Marin (2017), “Long-term growth and productivity projections”, OECD Economic Studies Vol. 2016/1 Pages 71-90.

Isoré, U. Szczerbowicz (2017), “Disaster risk and preference shifts in a New Keynesian model”, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control Vol. 79 Pages 97-125.

Jimborean R., A. Kelber (2017), “Foreign Direct Investment Drivers and Growth in Central and Eastern Europe in the Aftermath of the 2007 Global Financial Crisis”, Comparative Economic Studies Vol. 59 Issue 1 Pages 23-54.

Koijen R.S.J., F. Koulischer, B. Nguyen, M. Yogo (2017), “Euro-Area Quantitative Easing and Portfolio Rebalancing”, AER: papers & proceedings Vol. 107 n°5 Pages 621-627.

Langot F., M. Lemoine (2017), “Strategic fiscal policies in Europe: Why does the labour wedge matter?”,European Economic Review Vol. 91 Pages 15-29.

Levieuge G. (2017), “Explaining and forecasting bank loans. Good times and crisis”, Applied Economics Vol. 49 Issue 8 Pages 823-843.

Marsilli C. (2017), “Nowcasting US inflation using a MIDAS augmented Phillips curve”, International Journal of Computational Economics and Econometrics Vol. 7 Issue 1/2.

Mogliani M., O. Darné, B. Pluyaud (2017), “The new MIBA model: Real-time Nowcasting of French GDP using the Banque de France's Monthly Business Survey”, Economic Modelling Vol. 64 Pages 26-39.

Pappadà F., S. Osotimehin (2017). “Credit frictions and the cleansing effect of recessions”, Economic Journal Vol. 127 Issue 602 Pages 1153-1187.

Sahuc J-G., P. Fève (2017), “In Search of the Transmission Mechanism of Fiscal Policy in the Euro Area”,Journal of Applied Econometrics Vol. 32 Issue 3 Pages 704-718.

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