In its Annual Report, the Banque de France presents the actions implemented during the year to fulfil its three core missions: Monetary Strategy, Financial Stability and Services to the Economy. It also describes the actions carried out by the staff of the company, highlighting its environmental and corporate social responsibility. Lastly, it reports on its financial management and annual accounts.

The Banque de France also publishes: 

  • many reports by different observatories (Observatory for the Security of Payment Means, Observatory for Banking Inclusion, etc.);
  • the Annual report on regulated savings;
  • reports on a wide range of topics such as the oversight of payment instruments and financial market infrastructures, the French balance of payments and international investment position, overindebtedness, monetary cooperation between Africa and France…

Lastly, the Letter to the President of the Republic, which is traditionally submitted by the Governor of the Banque de France once a year. 

The Banque de France translates the annual report of the European Central Bank and the Convergence Report (published every two years), in cooperation with the National Bank of Belgium and the ECB.

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