To perform its missions as effectively as possible and clarify its future in a rapidly changing environment, the Banque de France has set out a strategic plan entitled Building 2024 Together. The plan addresses 6 key challenges:

  • inflation
  • financial stability
  • climate change
  • technological change
  • social and local issues
  • employer attractiveness

Building 2024 Together provides four responses to these challenges, which can be summed up in four verbs: Anchor, Anticipate, Accompany and Attract.

These four responses have been broken down into 31 actions, and are accompanied by 10 concrete indicators to measure the plan's success.

Construire Ensemble 20224 : ancrer

Anchor price stability, the climate transition, financial stability and resilience

The Banque de France is anchoring price stability by striving to reduce inflation to 2% by 2025: it is reinforcing its measurement of inflation expectations and broadening its communication. It has reasserted its role as a pioneer in the fight against climate change, thanks to its involvement in the Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS) and by incorporating climate risks into monetary policy and developing a climate indicator for companies. The Banque de France safeguards the stability of the financial system while also conducting preparedness exercises to ensure its operational resilience.

Construire Ensemble 2024 : anticiper

Anticipate innovation

The Banque de France makes sure it has the resources to stay ahead of the rapid changes in its environment. It is preparing for the issuance of a digital euro while also remaining competitive in banknote manufacturing. It fosters innovation in all its core activities, and especially in enhanced supervision. More broadly, it exploits internal and external data to better anticipate the changes of the future.

Construire Ensemble 2024 : accompagner

Accompany individuals and businesses

The Banque de France is increasing its efforts to promote financial inclusion by rolling out a complete service offering for the financially vulnerable via its nationwide branch network (launch of the abbreviated dialling code 3414 to access all financial inclusion services). It is also helping entrepreneurs to weather the crises by extending its range of services and making it easier to contact an advisor (Manager Portal).

Construire Ensemble 2024 : attirer

Attract and retain talent

The Banque de France wants to remain an attractive employer and increase staff loyalty. It supports managers by providing dedicated training and disseminating good practices. It also seeks to match staff expectations with those of the business. It simplifies operating methods by implementing concrete proposals from staff.