We are France’s central bank

The Banque de France is an independent institution of the French Republic that has guarded the nation’s currency and financial system for over two hundred years.

Today, as a member of the Eurosystem, the Banque de France provides a public service to French and European citizens by ensuring the smooth financing of the economy and the stability of prices. 

Day in, day out, the men and women at the Banque de France, devise and implement monetary strategy, maintain financial stability and serve the economy and society. Their mission is to secure the nation’s future by creating conditions conducive to growth and employment.

Our missions

In a rapidly changing environment, the Banque de France performs three core missions, making it a leading player in our economic and financial system.

Banque de France : stratégie monétaire

Monetary strategy

The Banque de France operates at the heart of the Eurosystem, drawing on the expertise of its economists and market specialists to prepare and implement euro area monetary policy. Its role is to ensure the smooth financing of the economy and price stability.
As the guardian of the currency, the Banque de France ensures the public can have confidence in the euro in all its forms. As the leading printer of euro banknotes, it is tasked with manufacturing and overseeing the circulation of banknotes and coins.

Banque de France : stabilité financière

Financial stability

The Banque de France ensures that there is balanced growth within the financial system. It oversees the activities of banks and insurers, and protects their customers’ interests. It carefully monitors the financial situation of all economic agents in order to mitigate current risks and anticipate future challenges (digital transformation, climate transition, etc.). Finally, it ensures the smooth functioning and security of payment system infrastructures.

Banque de France : service à l'économie et à la société

Services to the economy and society

With a network of over 200 branches throughout France, the Banque de France helps businesses – especially VSEs and SMEs – to manage their relations with banks. It facilitates the general public’s access to banking services and helps overindebted individuals. As a provider of financial services to the French state and to Europe, it also manages the French Treasury’s accounts and plays a leading role in promoting economic, budgetary and financial literacy.

Our values

Our commitment to serving French and European citizens is underpinned by five core values.


The Banque de France is independent of the French state, as well as of the banks and insurance companies it oversees. As such, it is prohibited from authorising overdrafts or granting loans to any public body. The Banque de France may not serve private interests and it devises its own strategy.


The Banque de France draws upon the expertise of its own teams in the areas of economic and financial analysis, monetary strategy and corporate finance to serve the economy and society generally. Its recognised expertise makes it a reference in these spheres.


The Banque de France liaises with the international ecosystem made up of other euro area institutions and all of the different national economic stakeholders. It reaches a wider public through its missions of promoting financial literacy and financial inclusion.

Sustainable performance

Because performance is contingent on anticipating major future challenges, the Banque de France strives to ensure economic resilience by combining exemplary management of resources with innovation and efficiency in pursuit of its objectives.


In times of uncertainty and turmoil, the Banque de France harnesses the energy of its teams to uphold national and European solidarity. It uses a modern social model to attract and nurture talented individuals.

Our partners

The Banque de France is a member of the Eurosystem, which comprises the European Central Bank (ECB) and the national central banks of countries that have adopted the euro, and with which it devises the monetary policy implemented at national level. It participates in the decisions made by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The Banque de France also works with all national economic agents –the French state, public institutions, French banks, businesses and private individuals. It does this with the help of a nationwide branch network.

Lastly, the work of its researchers and economists enhances knowledge and understanding of the economy and clarifies the challenges of the future. 

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Discover the Banque de France (presentation)

Find out more

Discover the Banque de France (presentation)

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