Management of your reserves by the Banque de France

As a leading player in foreign exchange and interest rate markets, the Banque de France provides a comprehensive range of services related to the management of your euro and foreign currency reserves. We are the partner of choice for central banks, public authorities, sovereign wealth funds and international institutions, and put security, confidentiality and performance at the heart of the transactions that we execute. We draw on the unique expertise of our teams of traders and market analysts, as well as our specialists in securities custody and the management of cash accounts.

While at the same time enjoying the highest credit rating, the Banque de France offers remuneration of term deposits that is generally higher than that on government securities with equivalent maturities. As a major player in investment services in the euro area, it offers extended operating hours, secure access to your accounts and a dedicated international investors team.

Our investment offer

We provide central banks and international institutions with a comprehensive investment offer including:

  • multi-currency cash management, with foreign currency and euro-denominated term deposits remunerated at very competitive rates reflecting the Banque de France’s credit quality and standing (from one week to 12 months)
  • foreign exchange and gold transactions, with real-time quotation for the main currencies and gold prices and the execution of spot and forward orders
  • securities transactions: outright purchases and/or sales of euro-denominated bonds on the secondary market, and execution of orders to purchase French government securities on terms close to the weighted average allotment rate

We provide secure custody of a large range of securities in euro and foreign currencies, in accordance with best market practices:

  • access to the euro area’s major international settlement systems
  • secure, fast and flexible processing of all securities transactions

Why choose the Banque de France?

  • Our hallmark: the confidentiality and security of transactions executed
  • Recognised expertise in the management of foreign currency reserves both on its own account and on behalf of the ECB
  • Long-standing presence on foreign exchange, fixed income and gold markets
  • Enhanced geographical coverage through our presence in European and Asian time zones
  • The Banque de France’s high credit rating
  • A dedicated team focused on institutional clients