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International banking activity

The Banque de France monitors the banking activity of French banks with non-residents in the framework of its contribution to the international banking statistics drawn up by the Bank for International Settlements.

International banking statistics

These quarterly statistical series provide a geographical breakdown of the assets and liabilities of French banks vis-à-vis non-residents. They show outstanding amounts and are expressed in USD equivalent. The data are presented according to two different approaches: 

  • Locational banking statistics (excl. securities) of resident banks with non-residents

These statistics are consistent with the residency principle of national accounts, balance of payments and external debt statistics.. They gather data on international financial claims and liabilities of bank offices in France. 

These statistics report on-balance sheet activity of banking groups (ie head office, branches and subsidiaries) based in France on the rest of the world. The data only concern claims (loans) and cover all foreign currencies. They are shown with a detailed geographical breakdown, before and after risk transfers have been taken into account.

These statistics are collected in the G20 framework to improve the sharing of knowledge and the monitoring of international banking activity. More information available here

This survey is divided in two parts:

- First part is about data on foreign exchange and OTC derivatives transactions.

- Second part is about data on the outstanding notional amounts and gross market values of foreign exchange, interest rate, equity, commodity, credit and other OTC derivatives contracts


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