The Banque de France Bulletin covers a range of economic and financial subjects monitored, addressed or studied by central banks. It serves as an information tool for a broad readership.

Since March 2018, articles have been published on a staggered basis and grouped into two-monthly volumes.

Since May 2019, an "Economic Research" section has featured articles aimed at a more specialised readership. Banque de France researchers present their views on a subject, condensed into a few non-technical pages, with charts and a bibliography for further reading.

The ECB's Economic Bulletin stems from the European Central Bank's legal obligation to publish reports on the activities of the ESCB at least quarterly (under Article 15.1 of the Statute of the ESCB). The Economic Bulletin is published eight times a year, and the editions published after the March, June, September and December monetary policy meetings provide an in-depth analysis of economic and monetary developments. The French translation is provided by the Banque de France, in collaboration with the National Bank of Belgium.

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