Nuno Coimbra

Research Economist

Nuno Coimbra

Personal webpage

Current Position

Senior Research Economist at the International Macro division

CEPR Research and Policy Network on International Macro and Finance

Previous Position

Assistant Professor, Paris School of Economics, 2014-2020


PhD in Economics, London Business School, University of London, 2014

Research Interests

International Macro, Macro-Finance, Macroeconomics, Asset Pricing


Banque de France, DGSEI, 75001 BdF HQ


Financial Cycles with Heterogeneous Intermediaries with Hélène Rey  
[Review of Economic Studies, April 2023

Central Bank Policy and the concentration of risk: Empirical estimates with Daisoon Kim and Hélène Rey 
[Journal of Monetary Economics, January 2022,vol 125]

Sovereigns at Risk: A dynamic model of sovereign debt and banking leverage 
[Journal of International Economics, May 2020, vol. 124]

Financial Cycles and Credit Growth Across Countries (2018) with Hélène Rey 
[AEA Papers and Proceedings, May 2018, vol. 108, pp 509-12