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31 rue Croix des Petits-Champs
75049 PARIS cedex 01
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Public Information:

General information in French on banking regulation and credit, overindebtedness, the national register, and repayment incidents: 0 811 901 801 (from 8am to 6pm) and by e-mail: infos@banque-france.fr


Public Relations


  • Editorial Administration of the Site
    We welcome all your remarks regarding the content of this site, as well as any suggestions for improvements. We will take them into account in future developments. To send your comments, click on the following e-mail address: infos@banque-france.fr
  • Archives
    The Archives Division supplies researchers with documents dating from the 19th and 20th centuries relating to French and foreign economies, as well as to the history of the Banque de France. Access is also available to the library of the Conseil Général (General Council), which contains over 60,000 books. Researchers must state the purpose of their study.

    Appointments can be arranged upon written request. Please contact:

    10-1069 – SPAHI-PGAD
    75049 PARIS CEDEX 01
  • Historical Research 
    The Historical Research Unit of the Banque de France is in charge of using the Bank's achives to conduct scientific research. The unit also leads the Bank's historical research activities.

    10-1069 – SPAHI-Mission Historique
    75049 PARIS CEDEX 01

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