Other types of savings: investment funds and insurance

The activity of investment funds

The Banque de France has implemented an important enrichment of the statistics on statistics for investments funds ("OPC2 project"). This enrichment, which is done in particular via an improved coverage of the reporting population and a new processing chain, had required a suspension of the publication of the Stats Infos "Financial overview of Investment Funds" (first quarter reference period) and "Performance of Investment Funds" (reference months of March and April).

The publication of the both Stats Infos resumed, the monthly Stat Info "Performance of Investment Funds"  for the reference month of May, and the quarterly Stat Info "Financial  overview of Investment Funds"  for the reference of the second quarter. The statistics relating to the suspended publications are now available on the Webstat portal. With these publications, all the usual data and series will again be available.

The Stat Info Panorama focus provides information on the statistical treatment applied when integrating the new funds now collected in OPC2.

The Banque de France updates statistical information on investment funds by producing monthly series, which are accessible on the ECB website ECB Statistical Data Warehouse (europa.eu) and on Webstat Webstat (banque-france.fr) .

The insurance activity

Updated on: 09/08/2022 14:59