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Debt and securities

Debt financing of the resident non-financial sector includes the various sources of financing, other than shares, obtained either in the form of loans from financial institutions or via debt Security issues. It may be broken down by recipient and financing channel. Monthly data are also available on shares issuance. 

 The Banque de France presents: 


 every month: 

  • Debt outstandings and flows of non-financial corporations  
  • Debt securities outstandings and issuance (short and long-term) and shares issued by French residents broken down by sector. 

every quarter: 

  • Debt of the non-financial sector (non-financial corporations, households and general government). The debt ratios are expressed, respectively:  
    • As a % of value added (non-financial corporations) 
    • As a % of gross disposable income (households) 
    • As a % of Gross Domestic Product (general government) 
  • Comparative debt ratios of the non-financial sector in the main industrialised countries.

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