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Historical research

The Historical Research Unit was created in 1992 and tasked with enhancing the scientific value of the Banque de France's archives and promoting historical research.

Under the guidance of Michel Margairaz, professor at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, and Olivier Feiertag, professor at the University of Rouen, the Unit encourages and oversees research, particularly on the history of the Banque de France, that falls within the general framework of current university-based historical studies, both in France and internationally.

The Historical Research Unit also organises study days that bring together historians and students, as well as international symposiums.

The Unit's work revolves around three main themes:

  • The history of central banks, and their place and role – internationally as well as domestically – in the history of currencies, credit and exchange.

  • The history of the Banque de France and economics, and its commercial banking activities, particularly through the history of its branches and their relations with representatives of the local economy.

  • The history of the Banque de France's employees, its social policies and the changes in its management structures.

Furthermore, the Historical Research Unit represents a centre of expertise on all subjects relating to the history of the Banque de France, which is called upon when needed by the Bank's officers and administrative units.

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