How can I check that a banknote is genuine?

To check the authenticity of a banknote, use the simple Feel-Look-Tilt method. This allows you to easily verify the banknote’s security features. Alternatively you can use your smartphone, or special equipment such as that used by retailers.

Without any equipment

  • Feel, Look, Tilt method 

Euro banknotes have security features to make them easily recognizable for everyone. To check the authenticity of banknotes, the simple Feel-Look-Tilt method can be used:

  • Leaflets

With tools helping for authentication

The use of special equipment such as magnifying glass, ultraviolet light and infrared light, enables to check additional security features


With an authentication device

In order to help retailers and other users of euro banknotes to choose the device that best matches their needs, the European Central Bank publishes information about the devices successfully tested by a euro zone national central bank. Banknotes handling machines do not fall within the scope of these tests.

However, the device cannot entirely replace the user's own assessment based on the banknotes' security features (Feel-Look-Tilt).


Updated on: 07/06/2018 10:56