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Open Data Room

  • In addition to access to aggregated or semi aggregated data time series on its statistics portal Webstat, the Banque de France provides researchers with a free access to granular data in its Open Data Room.
  • The request may be sent to the following address: DGS-DIMOS-acces-donnees-ut@banque-france.fr

The Banque de France launches in the context of its Open Data Room a call for applications:


Call for Applications:
Research projects using the aggregated or granular data of the Banque de France

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

The Banque de France opens an access room to data (Open Data Room to researchers). The Open Data room offers several workstations providing secure access to a broad set of anonymized granular data and aggregated time series, collected or produced by the Banque de France. The Open Data Room is located in the premises of the Banque de France - Directorate General for Statistics, 37 rue du Louvre 75002 Paris.

The access to the Open Data Room and the conditions of use are subject to a prior agreement of the Data Access Committee. The Committee brings together Banque de France officials and experts from the academic world. For your information, almost all of the already expressed requests have received a positive response. The Committee shall decide on the basis of a synthetic presentation of the research project with the accompanying application for data.

The data are made available, quickly and free of charge, as soon as the Committee gives its consent. Researchers can bring pre-existing files for the purposes of matching data with Banque de France data. These files will be loaded in the Open Data Room.

In the Open Data Room, the researchers will have access to information on companies, households and financial institutions. 

Applications may be formulated as of now. Simply fill out the form and transmit it to following the email address: DGS-DIMOS-acces-donnees-ut@banque-france.fr. 



Director General of Statistics

Updated on: 09/10/2018 14:28