Cyril Pouvelle

Head of the Research Unit, ACPR

Cyril Pouvelle

Cyril Pouvelle is the Head of the Research Unit in the ACPR’s Research and Risk Analysis Directorate. He holds a PhD in economics from the Paris School of Economics and graduated from the Institute of Political Studies in Paris (Sciences Po). His research topics include banking economics and financial stability. He has various positions at the Banque de France, and has worked as an economist for the International Monetary Fund and the French Treasury.

Current Position

Head of the Research Unit, ACPR (since July 2018)

Previous Position

Senior Risk Analyst in Société Générale’s Risk Department (2017-2018); Economist at the IMF (2014-2017, 2011-2012); Chief Economist, French Debt Management Office (2012-2014); several positions as an economist at the Banque de France (2002-2010)


  • PhD in Economics, Paris School of Economics (2013)
  • MSc in Economics, Paris School of Economics (2008)
  • Diploma from the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po) (1999)

Research Interests

Banking economics, financial stability


Academic publications


  • “Determinants of banks’ liquidity: a French perspective on interactions between market and regulatory requirements”, (2021), with O. de Bandt and S. Lecarpentier, Journal of Banking and Finance, vol. 124(C), March
  • “Two-Way Interplays between Capital Buffers and Credit growth: Evidence from French Banks”, (2012), with J. Coffinet, V. Coudert, and A. Pop, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, vol. 22 issue 5, pp. 1110-1125, December
  • “Assessing the Sustainability of Credit Growth: The case of Central and Eastern European Countries”, (2010), with V. Coudert, The European Journal of Comparative Economics, vol. 7, N°1, June


  • “Productivity Growth and Structural Reform in Bulgaria: Restarting the Convergence Engine”, (2012), with P. Mitra, IMF Working Paper, N°12/131, May
  • “Bank Credit, Asset Prices and Financial Stability: Evidence from French Banks”, (2012), IMF Working Paper, N° 12/103, April