Where can I find training in banknote authentication?

“The Banque de France offers, free of charge, banknote authentification trainings as well as an e-learning module available on its FR website”

On-site Banque de France training

The Banque de France trains each year over 25 000 cash professionals (retailers, tradesmen, bank staff) and more widely students, social workers, etc

This training service is provided free of charge by the Banque de France, to:

  • enable companies to ensure their staff are fully informed and trained in banknote authentication;
  • strengthen the fight against counterfeiting at all levels and as far upstream as possible in the cash chain.
  • dissuade and alert the public to the criminal consequences around counterfeiting.

Objective of the training session:

To find out about and become familiar with the “feel, look, tilt” method, which is a simple, fast and efficient method for authenticating banknotes.


The training is based on the professionals' active participation through the manipulation of genuine banknotes throughout the training session. Practical exercises with counterfeit banknotes are also organised at the end of the session. Additional subjects (rules on how to use banknotes, statistics, etc.) may also be discussed according to the needs expressed by the professionals.


Between 1 hour 30 and 3 hours, depending on the subjects included in the session and the additional requests. The Banque de France can also offer so-called “Flash trainings” with shortened duration, maybe more adapted to some professionals constraints”. If you need more information, feel free to contact us (see contact details below).


This training is offered by 200 Banque de France trainers across France, specialised in the authentication of banknotes.


Training requests should be sent to euro-formation@banque-france.fr.

Since the Banque de France is not a certified training organisation, it cannot award a diploma validating the acquired skills. It can, however, provide a certificate of attendance of the training session

Updated on: 04/22/2021 13:20