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An international role

The Banque de France exports its banknote expertise worldwide. Half of its manufacturing facilities are devoted to producing banknotes for some 20 foreign countries. It also provides advisory services and assistance.

The Banque de France is also a key player on the international banknote production market. Each year, half of its production capacity is devoted to printing banknotes in other currencies than the euro, for about twenty foreign countries outside the euro area. Its role is not restricted to the mere supply of banknotes: it also offers its central bank clients the following services:

  • Its cash industry expertise (training in the authentication of banknotes, in the banknote production process and in the analysis of counterfeits in circulation, assistance in setting up laboratories for analysing counterfeits, creation of communication media, etc.).
  • Its support in all areas related to currency issuance (training in forecasting new banknote requirements, sorting policy, banknote quality monitoring, etc.).

Updated on: 06/07/2018 15:06