With over 1 billion of banknotes produced every year for customers with high demanding circulating conditions, Banque de France has an advanced knowledge of the banknote lifetime on the field. Resistance to soiling, resistance to ink wear and lasting mechanical properties over time are the three pillars of durability… and the success factors of EverFit®.

Introducing EverFit®, a 100% cotton printed security banknote that is laminated with a protective layer as a finishing step.

The paper substrate allows an optimum printing of the banknote and embeds security features easily recognizable by the public.

The protective layer is a polymer laminate that offers outstanding soiling resistance and protects the security features and printed design from wear.

The final multi-layer composite brings the tear resistance of paper and folding resistance of polymer.


  • Resistance to soiling and ink wear
  • Improved mechanical resistance
  • Allows acknowledged paper security features
  • Reduces carbon footprint due to banknote production
  • Reduces issuing cost in a Series lifetime

Updated on: 07/23/2021 18:01