Invisible in daylight, TRILUMIC® brings an extremely brilliant true-colour halftone image under UV light. Embedded as a de-metallized windowed thread or integrated in a holographic metallized foil, TRILUMIC® adds a highly attractive function for the public.



Attractiveness for the public: High definition true colour UV fluorescent images

Upgrade in UV features counterfeit resilience through advanced print characteristics using a proprietary method:

  • Sharp details & brilliant images
  • Wide gamut of colours with equally saturated colours, subtle tones & smooth gradients
  • Greater capability with regard to constant image quality in production

Integration in holographic metallized foils and windowed threads improves counterfeit resilience


TRILUMIC® is a trademark resulting from a cooperation between Hueck Folien and Banque de France.

Updated on: 07/23/2021 17:36