What if we told you that you could embed the digital world in physical currency?

SEALGN@TURE® is that missing link. With a proprietary printed code that deteriorates through copying, SEALGN@TURE® allows your currency to be authenticated through a connection to a dedicated IT service

Square-millimeter security code, SEALGN@TURE® blends in the background of banknotes to offer the best of security.


AUTHENTICATION : Made copy-sensitive through its very-high print resolution and design specificities, SEALGN@TURE® is the ultimate shield against counterfeit banknotes. Even the best quality copies are detected immediately and unmistakably during the field inspection.



  • Ultimate security level
  • Authentication code integrated in banknote design
  • Simple secure reading
  • Cost-effective solution : any specific printing process nor additional consumable material 

Sealgn@ture® was developed in collaboration with Advanced Track&Trace

Updated on: 07/23/2021 17:34