Financial accounts and financial balance sheets

The tables that may be downloaded from the links below provide an overview of the national financial accounts and financial balance sheets of the various sectors of the economy and their relations with the rest of the world.
Two versions - detailed and simplified - are available, depending on the granularity of instrument and financial sector nomenclatures.

In addition, in accordance with the roadmap of the Committee on Monetary, Financial and Balance of Payments Statistics (CMFB) adopted in June 2014, in order to harmonise the reports on the quality of the data used to draw up the financial accounts, the Banque de France publishes its quality assessment*, according to the document detailing the principles for collecting and disseminating financial account statistics established in the joint European framework. The document is available in English only and can be viewed via the link below.

*This publication is produced by the Banque de France and aims to promote the transparency of production processes, within the general framework adopted by the CMFB on the quality of statistical data. Eurostat and the European Central Bank cannot be held liable for its content.

Financial accounts and financial balance sheets can also be downloaded on:

Financial accounts and financial balance sheets  (base 2014) 

Provisional accounts 2018

Semi-definitive accounts 2017

2016: Definitive accounts

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