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An integrated banknote manufacturing facility which is unique in Europe

EUROPAFI, the Banque de France’s paper manufacturing subsidiary, is the leading publicly-owned paper mill in Europe. The Banque de France is the only central bank in Europe to incorporate both a paper mill and printing works.

With a strong history of over 200 years in the banknote industry, the Banque de France has an internationally recognised expertise in the field of banknote production.

Its production tool is made up of two centres working in perfect industrial synergy - a paper mill in Vic-le-Comte and printing works in Chamalières – based in the Auvergne since the early twentieth century. This integrated production model which is unique among the central banks of the European Union ensures an optimal concentration of the value chain, giving the Banque de France a strong expertise in the design and manufacture of banknotes.

The Banque de France has always played the card of industrial modernity and is making major investments to support the technological development of banknotes and consolidate its position as European leader.

In this context, the Banque de France in 2015 decided to spin off its paper mill to create a public banknote producing centre within the Eurosystem. The objective of this ambitious strategic and industrial project is to make its subsidiary Europafi the most modern banknote paper mill in Europe and the leading producer of banknote paper in the euro area through the delivery of paper to several European printing works.

Updated on: 06/07/2018 15:06