Anastasia Zhutova

Anastasia Zhutova is macroeconomist-modeler at the Directorate General, Statistics, Economics and International relations, within the Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecasting Division. Her expertise lies in developing semi- and full-structural dynamic models (e.g. the Federal Reserve's FRB/US model, NAWM of the ECB) used for forecasting and policy analysis.

Diploma :

PhD. in Economics, Paris School of Economics

M.Sc in Economics. Erasmus Mundus Program QEM - Models and Methods of Quantitative Economics. University of Bielefeld and the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne/ École normale supérieure Cachan

Current Position :

Macroeconomist-modeler, Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecasting Division

Research Interest :

Macroeconomic Modelling, Monetary Economics, Structural economic issues (labour economics, inflation dynamics, productivity, and growth).

Contact :
+33 (0)1 42 92 49 58
Banque de France, 46-1376 DGSEI, 75049 Paris Cedex 01

Aucun résultat trouvé.
  • “The EA-BDF Model and Government Spending Multipliers in a Monetary Union” (forthcoming 2022) with Aldama Pierre, Lemoine Matthieu and Turunen Harri.
  • “Stochastic simulation of the FR-BDF model using an unobserved components model” (forthcoming 2022) with Lemoine Matthieu and Turunen Harri.
  • «  The FR-BDF Model and an Assessment of Monetary Policy Transmission in France» (2020), with  Lemoine Matthieu, Turunen Harri, Chahad Mohammed, Lepetit Antoine, Aldama Pierre, Clerc Pierrick, Laffargue Jean-Pierre, Working Paper Series no. 736.
  • «  Macroeconomic projections – December 2019» (2019), with Cancé Raphaël, Castelletti-Font Barbara, Cochard Marion, Kalantzis Yannick, Levy-Rueff Guy, Lor-Lhommet Emilie, Ouvrard Jean-François, Perillaud Simon, Rouvreau Béatrice, Sabalot Paul, Schmidt Katja, Thubin Camille, Turunen Harri, Wolf Clara, Vertier Paul, Vu Thao, 


  • «  Labor Market Policies in a Deep Recession: Lessons from Hoover's Policies during the U.S. Great Depression» (2022), avec Jordan Roulleau‐pasdeloup, revue Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, vol. 54, Iss. 1, pp. 247-283
  • «  The cyclicality of labor-market flows: A multiple-shock approach» (2018), avec Jean-Olivier Hairault, revue European Economic Review, vol. 103(C), Iss. 1, pp. 150-172

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