Issuing and paying agents must use the new codes (post reform):  

  • With Banque de France :
    • All movements (excluding issues) relating to still active securities will be reported via their original negotiable debt securities code until maturity date. Increases in negotiable debt securities issue accounts will also be made via the old codes.
    • All movements related to securities created as from 23 June (new ISIN) can be reported in both codification systems: Banque de France will accept both the old and new codes; declarations related to old codes will be adapted to the new naming convention by the Banque de France.
  • With Euroclear:
    • Paying agents will be asked to create all their short term securities with the "003" Commercial paper code. Medium term notes will be created with the “002” code.

The ISIN codes allocation is under the responsibility of the Agence Française de Codification.

Updated on 22 November 2023