Credit rating agency supervised by European Securities and Markets Authority

The specialized rating agencies concerned by the transitional period referred to in Article 11 of the Order of 30 May 2016 are invited to post on their internet website a written undertaking that one or more of the directors attest and commit to respecting the conditions laid down by the aforementioned article. This commitment includes the whole following information with hyperlinks to the website of the rating agency [or ESMA] :

- date of registration with ESMA ;

- applied methodologies, with the whole range of maturities they cover (short term ; medium term ; long term) and issuer categories within the negotiable debt securities market (corporate ; public entities ; structured finance)

- historical statistical data pertaining to credit rating activity and performances such as transition matrices and default rate based on three years of historical data (by rating scale and issuers categories) 

Updated on: 03/19/2019 16:57