Central bank innovation management

25 September 2024 - 09:00

This seminar outlines how the Banque de France manages innovation in all its forms.

A major challenge today for all central banks, the needs and approaches to innovation are multiplying. All businesses and activities must embrace this component as part of its daily routine.

Beyond methods and projects, what is the secret of Banque de France to instilling a spirit of innovation within its teams, all business lines combined? What are its emblematic achievements? What are the next steps?


Dates : 25-27 September 2024
Date limite d’inscription : 24 July 2024
Langue : English with simultaneous translation into French
Lieu : Paris
Contact : Stéphane GOURDET
E-mail : ITseminar@banque-france.fr


The following topics will be discussed:

  • Main challenges of innovation approaches for a central bank
  • Innovation governance at the Banque de France
  • Examples of projects led by Banque de France on each of its 3 priority axes of innovation: AI, Blockchain and post-quantum algorithms.
  • Presentation of an "innovation" partner of the Banque de France.


This seminar is aimed at all people with a taste for innovation and innovative subjects and/or in charge to manage innovation within their central bank.