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Oana Toader

Oana Toader is a research economist in the Research and Risk Analysis Directorate of the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority, Bank of France. She joined the Bank in 2017 and specializes in the economics of banking and finance. She received a PhD degree from University of Orléans (France) in 2016.

Current Position

Economist, Monitoring and supervision specialist

Previous Position

Researcher, Teaching assistant at University of Orléans


PhD in Economics, Public defence on July 5, 2016 at University of Orléans, France                                                                                      

Research Interest

Banking and finance


4 Place de Budapest, CS 92459, 75436 Paris Cedex 09

+33(1) 42 44 39 53


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« Risques financiers. Mesures et conséquences », Presses Universitaires de Rennes (PUR), 2018

2018, “Banks’ business models and performance: the impact of interest rates and capital requirements” at the 7th EBA Annual Research Workshop (“Reaping the benefits of an integrated EU banking market”), London UK.         

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