Management by the Banque de France of the recirculation of cash by private operators

Commercial banks and cash-in-transit companies can sort and recirculate banknotes and coins themselves, provided they have signed a processing or distribution agreement with the Banque de France. In carrying out these activities, they are subject to specific requirements, such as the obligation to use certified materials and to submit regular statistical reports.

Legal framework

The modalities of recirculation by means of handling machines (recycling)


 List of banknote handling machine successfully tested

How to test a machine :

Manufacturers may apply to : The head of the CNAC ( National Counterfeit Analysis Centre)

The Banque de France’s test platform is open since 2006

progress of a test : Test procedures (tab “test procedures”)


Recycling: data reporting to the central bank/the Banque de France

Declarations related to agreements between BdF and cash recyclers

  • Referential data
  • Statistical data
  • Notes on the methodology

Remote transmission of information

Service providers carrying out recirculation operations


    Training sessions for cash handlers

    Banque de France offers free training sessions to banks and other cash handlers (staff members or “training the trainers”). These courses focus on euro banknotes authentication and fitness sorting criteria.

    They are mandatory accordingly to :

    •     For employees of cash handlers who recirculate manually cash over the counter
    •     In the framework of an exceptional event

    Banque de France is not certified as a training organization. Consequently, no diploma validating the knowledge can be given to the trainees ; anyway, Banque de France may provide an attestation of attendance to the training session.

    Training requests should be sent by email to the following address:

    The French regulation has been revised according to the European legal framework which has been implemented in France since 2005. The Monetary and Financial Code defines the Banque de France’s role. Private operators have to sign an agreement with the Banque de France for the automatic processing of coins.


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      The modalities of coin handling


      In order to recirculate coins, private operators have, among other obligations, to do their handling with materials included on a list published by the European Commission and obtain an indentification code they use for the making of rolls of coins.


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      Data reporting to the Banque de France


      Private operators carrying out coin-processing operations are required to provide to the Banque de France :

      • their activity statistics each month,
      • all of the so-called « reference » data by the end of each year.

      Since July 2013, all these elements may be transferred through an IT portal


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