The Banque de France’s key role in banknote recirculation

The Banque de France supplies commercial banks with banknotes and coins, and receives deposits of cash that has been returned from circulation. It plays a major role in maintaining the quality of banknotes in circulation, withdrawing those that are unfit and repackaging those in good condition. 100% of new banknotes and 80% of recirculated ones come from the Banque de France. The Bank frequently measures the satisfaction of its professional clients.

Cash services at the BDF counters (business clients)

Credit institutions, and CIT companies acting on their behalf, withdraw banknotes and coins at the Banque de France counters where they also lodge banknotes and coins collected from the general public and retailers. In order to facilitate their fulfillment, these operations must comply with the requirements indicated below.


Updated on: 06/07/2018 15:06