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Image Hall de la Banque de France Illustration accueil
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The Banque de France presents its new website as part of its strategic plan "Construire ensemble 2024". The website has been completely redesigned to highlight the Bank's three main missions (Monetary Strategy, Financial Stability and Services to the Economy and Society) and to convey the Banque de France's voice to the general public.

29 September 2023

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Company managers, the Banque de France is there for you

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Designing and manufacturing banknote paper and banknotes

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Rates and prices

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Eco Notepad 15 September 2023

The fiscal roots of hyperinflation: a historical perspective

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ABC de l’économie

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Discover the International Banking and Finance Institute

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Banque de France and ACPR Climate Action Report

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3-minute guide to monetary strategy

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Climate change

What is the Banque de France doing to combat global warming?

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The Bank is a key player in the banknote and coin industry, and works with its customers to modernize the industry


The Bank supports and complements collective action to combat global warming
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