Published on 21 September 2023

27 February 2024 - 09:00

Central banks are strongly involved in various international fora at a regional and global level. Also, a close monitoring of the global economy and the international monetary and financial system is essential for formulating monetary policy and assessing risks to financial stability. This seminar will focus on the description of the major international fora at the regional and global level and the key issues on the agenda of central banks. It will also address issues related to the monitoring of the global economic environment; country risks and financial imbalances. Speakers will come from Banque de France and major international organisations (IMF, BIS, ECB).


Dates: 27–29 February 2024

Apply before: 9 January 2024

Language: English

Location: Paris

Contact: Thierry CUSSON




This seminar will cover in particular the following topics:

  • Main issues on the agenda of international relations in 2020 from a central bank perspective
  • Monitoring of the global economy and financial inter-linkage
  • The Role of the IMF and BIS and interactions with central banks
  • The EU ; the Eurosystem and the European Macroeconomic Governance
  • International meetings in the field of bank supervision
  • Regional financial arrangements


This seminar is intended for central bank managers or staff in charge of bilateral and/or multilateral international relations and economists in charge of monitoring and analysing international economics issues. Participants will be expected to actively interact throughout the seminar (via presentation, roundtable etc.). This seminar will also be an opportunity for participants to expand their international network.


Updated on 31 January 2024