Balance of payments and other external statistics

Published on 20 September 2023

14 November 2023 - 09:50

This training seminar will invite participants to reflect on ways to better measure globalisation and enlarge potential uses of balance of payments statistics. Against this background, the seminar will focus in particular on hot topics reflecting the multidimensional phenomena of globalisation such as: remittances; revenue from financial services; transport services; analytical value of data on Trade in Value Added; data on Services by Modes of Supply.


Dates: 14-16 November 2023

Apply before: 10 November 2023

Language: English and French with simultaneous translation and video replays

Location: Online

Contact: Julio Ramos-Tallada




Presenters will be high-level experts from Banque de France as well as invited speakers from the OECD and the World trade organization.

The seminar will cover in particular the following topics:

  • Data collection with non-financial enterprises and insurances
  • Estimating the financial intermediation services charges indirectly measured in national accounts and the balance of payments
  • Consistency between BoP and national accounts
  • Estimating CIF-FOB data
  • Global value chains
  • Trade in value added
  • Compensation of employees and remittances
  • Statistics on Trade in services
  • Analysis of competitiveness
  • Adaptation of statistics to real and financial globalisation


The seminar is intended for statisticians or economists from central banks dealing with the elaboration or the use of balance of payments or other external statistics, who wish to enhance the analysis of economic globalisation. Participants will be invited to contribute actively through presentations or roundtables.

Program 2023

Updated on 14 November 2023