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International groups: G20/G7

While the G20 is now the “premier forum for international economic cooperation” (Pittsburgh Summit declaration, September 2009), this role was long held by the G7. Founded in 1975 at an initial summit of heads of state and of government, the G7 brings together the seven largest industrialised economies, including France, to discuss international economic issues. The topics addressed were primarily economic to start, before gradually giving way to more political subjects. The Banque de France participates in the meetings of the G7 finance ministers and central bank governors initiated in 1986, and dedicated solely to economic issues.

The G20 has been the primary international forum for economic and financial cooperation and consultation since the last economic crisis.

  • Role and missions of the G20
  • Composition of the G20
  • G20 press releases
  • Focus: International Financial Architecture Working Group (IFA WG)
  • Focus: Framework for Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth Working Group (FWG)
  • Green Finance Study Group

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