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Julio Ramos-Tallada

Julio Ramos-Tallada

Julio Ramos-Tallada is a research economist at the Macroprudential Policy Division, in the Financial Stability Directorate. Previously, he was a senior economist at the International Monetary Relations Division. Before joining the Bank of France in 2011, he worked as a lecturer in Paris Dauphine University, where he received his PhD. His articles deal with topics such as cross-border capital flows, the transmission channels of monetary and financial policies, and emerging countries’ issues. 


Current Position

Economist, International Monetary Relations division, Directorate of Studies and International and European Relations

Previous Position

Assistant lecturer, University Paris-Dauphine


PhD in Economics, University Paris-Dauphine

Research Interest

Financial Economics, International Monetary Economics, Emerging Countries


+33 (0)1 42 92 55 61

Banque de France, 49-1488 DGEI DERIE SERMI, 31 rue Croix-des-Petits-Champs, 75049 Paris Cedex 01, France

Publications Working Paper Series no. 548:

Bank risks, monetary shocks and the credit channel in Brazil: identification and evidence from panel data

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Publications Quarterly Selection of Articles no. 31:

Autumn 2013

By Le Roux Julien, Cayssials Jean-Luc, Rhein Lionel, Birouk Omar, Bouloux Alain-Nicolas, Hauton Gaël, Ramos-Tallada Julio, Carluccio Juan, Vicard Vincent
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Publications Working Paper Series no. 357:

Capital controls and spillover effects: evidence from Latin-American countries

By Lambert Frédéric, Ramos-Tallada Julio, Rebillard Cyril
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Publications Quarterly Selection of Articles no. 22:

Summer 2011

By R. White William, Ramos-Tallada Julio, Arrondel Luc, Borgy Vladimir, Savignac Frédérique, Delamarre Frédéric, Sédillot Franck, Bachellerie Adeline
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