Real estate risks

This seminar aims at describing existing data / sources on real estate and at promoting economic analysis, the tools and methods for assessing the related risks: financial stability risks and macro-prudential analysis, micro-prudential risks followed by supervisors; financing of real estate professionals ; statistical monitoring of prices, volumes, credit and interest rates ; macroeconomic implications for households and corporations, or the rest of the economy.
It will address the methods for analysing risks and preparing policy actions developed within central banks. It will describe in particular the assessment frameworks set up by Eurozone or other EU members among which Banque de France, and their use for conducting monetary policy, performing macro-prudential supervision.


Dates:16-18 March 2021

Apply before: 13 January 2021

Language: English (with video replays in English and French)

Location: Online

Contact: Thierry CUSSON



The seminar will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of the different markets: purchase or rental ; residential or commercial, mortgage loan securitisation ;
  • Sources and data collection issues, traditional and innovating (from data resulting for example from webscraping) ;
  • Risk assessment methods used by members of the European System of Central Banks; statistical methods,
  • Assessment methods used by other institutions
  • Monitoring of short term outlook, estimates, forecasting 
  • Economics implications of real estate markets evolutions
  • Regulatory frameworks, impacting real estate risks.


This seminar is aimed at central bank economists, statisticians, financial stability experts and bank supervisors in charge of assessing the financial conditions, of developing the assessment frameworks of corporate credit risk, or in charge of creating or improving databases in this area.


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