Forecasting the Business Cycle

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BANQUE DE FRANCE and INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FORECASTERS are pleased to announce that the 8th IIF Workshop will take place in Paris the 1st and 2nd December 2011 on the topic "Forecasting the Business Cycle"

In the wake of the financial and banking crisis, virtually all industrialized countries have experienced a very severe economic recession during the years 2008 and 2009, sometimes referred to as the Great Recession. Several stylized facts have been put forward during this Great Recession such as the large degree of synchronization among the main industrialized countries, the huge amplitude of the cycles, a great collapse in the international trade, the specific role of the financial market variables in forecasting the business cycle, non-linear relationships between main macroeconomic variables …

This Great Recession has shed light on the necessary re-assessment of data, models and methods that are useful to predict business cycles. In this respect, this workshop aims at bringing together academics and practitioners in order to draw lessons from the recent international economic recession and to work on innovative methods to get more accurate forecasts of business cycle evolutions, a topic of major interest for policy-makers.

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