To coordinate and lead actions in the event of a major crisis

In the event of major operational crisis affecting Paris Financial Centre, the crisis management system implemented by the resilience of the Paris financial centre based on a coordination pole (see below). This pole uses communication and crisis management tools in order to allow exchange of information between the group’s members.

Communication crisis
  • Manager (Director of the DSPM) heads up the Coordination Unit in the event of a major operational crisis. He/she is assisted in this task by a secretariat (Banque de France). He/she decides whether or not to mobilise the resilience of the Paris financial centre and is responsible for its running. He/she makes a comprehensive assessment of the situation and seeks a consensus for preparing, coordinating and monitoring its actions.


  • The members are official representatives appointed by the institutions and communicate within their entity. They remain in contact at all times with the manager to provide information or implement actions to be taken during the crisis. They communicate about the impacts of the crisis within their entity via Polecrise.


  • Crisis Units (CCPs) are made up of representatives of the Banque de France and institutions belonging to the resilience of the Paris financial centre. Thanks to their expertise in the sensitive areas of business continuity (liquidity, cash, communication), the crisis units help the Coordination Unit to better identify the impacts of the crisis, the actions to be implemented and the conditions for a return to business as usual.

Updated on: 06/12/2018 10:33