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Key dates

July 2006: the Eurosystem tests the T2S concept with market participants

March-April 2007: after conducting an initial feasibility study, the Eurosystem launches a public consultation on the User requirements for T2S; the Governing Council launches the preparation phase.

17 July 2008: encouraged by the positive feedback from the public consultation, the Eurosystem launches the T2S project and charges four central banks with developing and operating the platform: Deutsche Bundesbank, Banco de España, Banque de France and Banca d’Italia (the 4CB)

16 July 2009: the Eurosystem signs a Memorandum of Understanding on T2S with 27 European central securities depositories (CSDs); these agree to take part in discussions on the project

21 May 2010: publication of the General Functional Specifications

20 April 2011: the Eurosystem signs a contract with the 4CB (Level2-Level3 Agreement for T2S)

17 November 2011: the ECB Governing Council validates the Framework Agreement signed by the Eurosystem and CSDs

30 June 2012: the Framework Agreement is signed by all 22 European CSDs that will participate in T2S




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