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Articles and documents 

  • Focus No. 6 “Target2 balances”, May 2012

The emergence of the European sovereign debt crisis and its effects have been accompanied by the growth of TARGET2 balances, i.e. of the debit and credit positions of the euro area’s central banks in the TARGET2 payment system. The aim of this focus is to explain the role of the central banks’ positions in TARGET2 and the reasons for their increase over the recent period.

  • TARGET2 and European financial integration / Yvon Lucas / Banque de France Bulletin – January 2008

This article outlines the main features of TARGET2 before looking at what the system's introduction means for liquidity management, the organisation of financial institutions and, more generally, European financial integration.

  • Supplementing settlement functions with a decision-support system in TARGET 2 / Vincent Bonnier / Banque de France Bulletin – January 2008 

This article gives an overview of the decision-support system built into TARGET2. The system provides participating central banks with shared services and tools to make them more effective in their dual role as system overseer and operational point of contact for “their” TARGET2 participants. The Banque de France was entrusted with the design, development and operational management of the system.

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