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Banque de France / Sciences Po

As part of the Banque de France's partnership with Sciences Po, we invite you to attend the next conference "Banks and the Financial System: What Regulation?"

The next Research Seminar Sciences Po / Banque de France

"Banks and the Financial System: what regulation?"

  will host

Olivier WANG

Assistant Professor at NYU

on the theme :

«A credible solution to the TBTF conundrum»

Wednesday, May 11 2022 at 5 Pm


Jean Barthélemy (Banque de France) will give his view on the subject. 

Practical modalities and connection details

Meeting ID: 936 5943 7246 Password: 260300  
Link to join via SIP protocol - The only way for connection with a BdF or ACPR computer


We would be happy if you could attend this meeting.

Stéphane Guibaud

Professor at


Denis Beau

Deputy Governor of the Bank of France

Vivien Levy-Garboua

Affiliate Professor at


Registration for the seminar is mandatory, by emailing

Coming sessions :

  • September 21, 2022: Eric Monnet (Paris School of Economics), sur les Banques centrales

​Previous session:

  • April 20, 2022: Robert Ophele Chairman of the French Financial Market Authority (AMF)

The next Research Seminar Sciences Po / Banque de France

"Banks and the Financial System: what regulation?"

  will host

William (Bill) COEN

Former Secretary General of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

on the theme :

«Financial sector regulation-how much is too much?»

Wednesday, December 1st 2021 at 5 pm
via ZOOM

 Sylvie MATHERAT (Senior Advisor - Mazars) will give her view on the subject.


Further information about practical modalities and connection details will be sent in due course.   


We would be happy if you could join us on the occasion.

Stéphane Guibaud

Professor at


Denis Beau

Sous-Gouverneur de

la Banque de France

Vivien Levy-Garboua

Affiliate Professor at


Registration for the seminar is mandatory, by emailing  

​Previous session:

  • November 17, 2021: Darrell DUFFIE Professor - Finance & Management (Stanford University)

The next Research Seminar Sciences Po / Banque de France

 "Banks and the Financial System : what regulation?"

 will host

Professor of Finance/ LSE
on the theme :

« Do socially responsible investors make a difference ? » 

Wednesday, December 16th 2020 at 5 pm 
via ZOOM


Pierre SCHOEFFLER et Laurent JACQUIER-LAFORGE (La Française) donneront leur point de vue sur ce sujet.


Further information about practical modalities and connection details will be sent in due course.

We would be happy if you could join us on the occasion. 

Stéphane Guibaud

Professeur au Département

d’Économie à Sciences Po

Denis Beau

Sous-Gouverneur de la

Banque de France

Vivien Levy-Garboua

Professeur Affilié

à Sciences Po

Registration for the seminar is mandatory, by emailing


Please note the date of the forthcoming seminars :


  • January 20, 2021: Elena Carletti/ Bocconi University

Previous seminars:

  • December 16, 2020: Martin Oehmke/ LSE
  • September 23th, 2020, Gilles MOEC (Chief Economist at Axa-OM)
  • February 26th, 2020, Anthony SAUNDERS, Professor of Finance New-York University
  • January 2nd, 2020, Michel AGLIETTA ​(Emeritus Professor - Paris-Nanterre University, Scientific Advisor - CEPII)


  • December 11, 2019, Antoine MARTIN (Senior Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
  • November 13, 2019, Denis GROMB (Professor of Finance HEC)
  • October 16, 2019, Ron Anderson (Emeritus Professor of Finance London School of Economics)
  • September 25, 2019, Thierry TRESSEL (Senior Economist, European Department, International Monetary Fund (IMF))
  • May 15, 2019, Matthias EFING (Professor at HEC)
  • April 3, 2019, Romain Rancière (Professor at the University of California)
  • February 13th, David THESMAR (Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management & HEC Paris)
  • ​January 16th, Bruno BIAIS (Professor at HEC) & Jean-Pierre LANDAU (Affiliate Professor at Sciences Po)
  • December 10th, 2018, Thomas PHILIPPON (Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business, NYU)
  • November 21th, 2018, Gregory Thwaites (London School of Economics and Research director at World Remit)
  • October 10th, 2018, Javier Suarez (Professor of Finance at CEMFI, Madrid): "The new rules for provisioning bank loans: good or bad? "

  • September 12th, 2018, Christophe PERIGNON (Professor of Finance at HEC Paris)
  • May 16th, 2018, Anastasia KARTASHEVA (Economist at Financial Institutions section of the Monetary and Economic Department): "Insurers as asset managers and systemic risks"
  • April 5th, 2018, Christian GOLLIER (Director of Toulouse School of Economics)
  • March 7th, 2018, Philippe AGHION (Professor at Collège de France and Centennial Professor of Economics ath the LSE)
  • February 7th, 2018, Christian GOLLIER (Director of Toulouse School of Economics)
  • January 30th, 2018, Enrico LETTA (Dean of PSIA, former Prime Minister of Italy)

  • November 22 2017, Jean-Pierre Danthine (Professor at PSE, former Vice-Chairman of the Governing Board of the Swiss National Bank)
  • January 11 2017, Thomas Philippon (Professor NYU & ACPR)
  • February 22 2017, Benoît Mojon (Banque de France)
  • March 22 2017, Philip Turner (former deputy Director, Monetary and Financial department, BIS)
  • April 26 2017, Audrey METZGER (Direction de la Stabilité Financière et des Opérations de la Banque de France) on the economics of blockchain
  • May 10th 2017, Franklin Allen (Professor, Imperial College, London)
  • June 7th, 2017, Olivier Godechot (Sciences Po)
  • September 13th, 2017, Hyun Song Shin (BIS) on the dollar, leverage and interest parity
  • October 12th, 2017, John Cochrane (Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution)

11/05/2016 Jean-Pierre Landau (Sciences Po) 
"Macroprudential Policy and Liquidity" – Michel CROUHY (Natixis)

30/03/2016 Vivien Levy-Garboua (Sciences Po)
"Low rates: what incidence on the financial system?" – Michel CROUHY (Natixis)

03/02/2016 Guillaume Plantin (Sciences Po)
"The economic consequences of full fair value accounting" – Patrick de  Cambourg (ANC)

20/01/2016 Fany Declerck (Toulouse School of Economics)
"Where is market liquidity? And what consequences can we draw from this observation?” – Phillipe Guillot (Head of Markets, AMF)

09/12/2015 Martin Hellwig (Max Planck Institute)
"Regulatory Reform after the crisis: has the financial system become sufficiently safe?” – Jean-François Lepetit (Director of BNP Paribas)

02/12/2015 Douglas Diamond (University of Chicago) 
"Liquidity requirements, liquidity choice and financial stability" – Guillaume Plantin (Sciences Po Paris)

14/10/2015 Jean-Edouard Colliard (HEC) 
"Searching new models to assess macroprudential policy" – Natacha Valla (CEPII)

16/06/2015 Christian Noyer (Governor of the Banque de France), Lorenzo Bini Smaghi (Chairman of Société Générale), Christian Gollier (TSE), Eric Lombard (Director General of Generali France), Yves Perrier (Director General of Amundi)
“Financing the economy in the new regulatory framework”

27/05/2015 Charles Calomiris (Columbia University)
"A historical point of view on financial crises and bailouts" – Régis Breton (Banque de France)

06/05/2015 Jon Danielson (LSE) 
"On the nature of Financial Risk: why risk is so hard to measure and why risk models fail so often?”" – Nathalie Bouez, Eric Boutitie (BNP Paribas)

08/04/2015  Antoine Martin (New York Fed)  
" Why do CCP’s play such a small role in the US repo market and why that might change?" – Guillaume Vuillemey (Sciences Po et Banque de France)

25/03/2015 Mathias Dewatripont (sous-gouverneur de la Banque Nationale de Belgique) 
« What  protection for Bank liabilities?»

21/01/2015 Jacques de Larosiere (Président d'EUROFI)
" La règlementation financière a-t-elle été trop loin?"

05/03/2014 Laurent Clerc (Directeur de la Stabilité Financière, Banque de France) 
"Searching new models to assess macroprudential policy" – Jean-Philippe Cotis (Chief Economist - BNP Paribas)

01/04/2014 Gilles Chemla (Imperial College, CNRS DRM and CEPR)
"La Titrisation après la crise" – Denis Beau (Directeur Générale des Opérations, Banque de France)

21/05/2014 Lorenzo Bini Smaghi (Chairman of SNAM and previously, member of the ECB executive committee)
«Financial Dominance and Monetary policy» – Delphine d’Amarzit (Chef de service du Trésor)

04/06/2014 Olivier Guersent (Directeur de cabinet of Michel Barnier, European Commissioner)
"Vickers, Volcker, Liikanen and now Barnier: how should we separate banks ?" –  avec Olivier Garnier (Chief economist of Société Générale)

16/01/2013 Jean Pisani-Ferry (directeur, Institut Bruegel)
"L'union bancaire : est-ce suffisant ?"

13/02/2013 Enrico Perotti (Professeur, Université d'Amsterdam)
"What regulation for liquidity risk in banking and shadow banking?" - Philippe TIBI (Professeur à l'Ecole Polytechnique et Président d'AMAFI)

02/04/2013 Mark Roe (Harvard Law School)
"Dodd Frank Act's Maginot line: clearinghouses ?" – Bruno Biais (Toulouse School of Economics)

05 /06/2013 Darell Duffie (Graduate School of Business, Stanford University)
"Placing boundaries between permitted banking activities: where should we draw the lines ?" - Guylaine Dyèvre (Compensation and Benefits / BNP Paribas)

13/09/2013 Rama Cont (CNRS et Imperial College London) 
"modélisation et la régulation du risque systémique : défis et perspectives" - Olivier de Bandt (Directeur des Etudes de l'Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel)

02/10/2013 Ron Anderson (London School of Economics)
"Bank business models and regulation" - Baptiste Bellon (Président de Trapeza Conseil)

29/10/2013 Stephen Cecchetti (BIS)
«Assessing the macroeconomic impact of OTC derivatives regulatory reforms»

20/11/2013 Andre Shleifer (Harvard University)
«Lessons from the Financial crisis»

11/12/2013 Linda Goldberg (New York Fed)
"Banking globalization, transmission and monetary policy autonomy" - Agnès Benassy-Quéré (CEPII et CAE)

17/01/2012 Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas (Berkeley) and Jean-Pierre Landau (former Deputy Governor in the Bank of France)
Global imbalances

25/01/2012 Bob Engle, from NYU
"Measuring systemic risk"

13/03/2012 Marcus Miller (University of Warwick) and Christian Poirier (Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel)
"The economic case for the Vickers proposition"

11/04/2012 Guillaume Plantin, from Toulouse School of Economics, for a conference "Shadow Banking and Regulatory arbitrage" with the ALM Treasury deputy chief for BNP Paribas (Stephane Denise)

15/05/2012 Jean Tirole
European institutions and governance

13/06/2012 B. Biais (TSE), C. Hémon (LCH-Clearnet)

25/09/2012 Hélène Rey (LBS)
Global risk aversion

12/2012  Charles Goodhart and Benoit Mojon
non conventional monetary policies

25/01/2011  Jean-Charles Rochet (Zurich Banking Center)and Didier Elbaum (from the French Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel)
Capital regulation

22/02/2011 Bruno Biais (Toulouse School of Economics) and Antoine  Merieux (from the Treasury)
Bonuses in the financial, industry

06/04/2011 Cyrille Hautcoeur (Paris School of Economics) and Jean-François Theodore (ex CEO of Euronext)
The "public nature of exchanges" from a historical perspective

11/05/2011 Olivier Garnier (chief economist at SG) and Gabriele Galati (DNB)
The economic impact of Basel 3

07/06/2011 Thomas Philippon (NYU) and Michel Eydoux (head of ALM Treasury at BNP Paribas)
Bank resolution

28/06/2011 Tobias Adrian(Fed New York) and Thierry Dissaux (head of the French deposit insurance)
The shadow banking system,

28/09/2011 David Thesmar(HEC) and Laurent Clerc (Bank of France)A measure of systemic risk in Finance

26/10/2011  Dimitri Vayanos (LSE) and Bertrand Badre (CFO of SocGen)
Macroprudential regulation for market liquidity

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