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Survey on Industry, Services & Construction 2020Sep

Published on 10/08/2020
Manufacturing industry, marcket services and construction
  • In September, industrial activity remained at a level close to that of August. The agri-food industry picked up, while the aeronautics and other transport sectors slowed.

    Cash positions improved slightly. Order books remained below normal levels.

    Business leaders expect industrial activity to remain relatively stable in October.

Opinion on the outlook for industrial production*
Balance of opinions, SA-WDA
  • Market service sector activity held steady. Temporary work, publishing and consultancy activities were on the rise, while accommodation and food services declined.

    Cash positions remained unchanged, below pre-crisis levels.

    Business leaders do not expect activity to change much in October.

Opinion on the outlook for services activity*
Balance of opinions, SA-WDA
  • In the construction sector, activity was stable.

    Order books remained close to their long-term average.

    In October, activity is expected to remain at the same level as that in September.

Opinion on the outlook for construction activity*
Balance of opinions, SA-WDA
* A positive (negative) balance of opinions corresponds to a rise (fall) in the evolution of activity. Balances of opinions may range from -200 to+200.

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Survey on Manufacturing Industry, Services and Building
  • Published on 10/08/2020
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Published on Thursday, October 8, 2020