Vents contraires : risques macroéconomiques à venir

La Banque de France et l’EUI organisent conjointement une conférence sur le thème «Vents contraires : risques macroéconomiques à venir» à Florence, les 1er et 2 décembre 2022

Banque de France – Pierre Werner Chair (EUI) Conference

"Headwinds: upcoming macroeconomic risks" 

Florence, December 1st -2nd, 2022


Hosted by the Pierre Werner Chair Programme of the European University Institute


Edouard Challe (European University Institute)        

Nuno Coimbra (Banque de France)

Giancarlo Corsetti (Pierre Werner Chair, European University Institute)

Fiorella De Fiore (Bank of International Settlements)

Maéva Silvestrini (Banque de France)


The Banque de France (BdF) and the European University Institute (EUI) are organizing a joint conference that will take place  in Florence for two half days in December 1st -2nd, 2022. The conference will cover a variety of themes related to upcoming macroeconomic risks and the policies needed to tackle them. These topics include (but are not limited to):

•             Inflation risk and monetary policy

•             Polarization within a monetary union

•             Managing global debt

•             Advances in the analysis of the transmission of monetary policy

•             Climate change risks and monetary policy

•             Inflation expectations and inflation dynamics

Both theoretical and empirical papers are suited, and applications using euro area data are particularly welcome. Philip Lane, Chief Economist of the European Central Bank and member of the Governing Council, and Lucrezia Reichlin, professor of Economics at London Business School, have confirmed their participation.

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