Contributing to responsible investment

As an institution of the French Republic and a Eurosystem central bank, the Banque de France contributes, through its work, to creating a balanced and sustainable economy. These responsibilities confer on it the duty of being exemplary in its corporate social responsibility commitment to the community. Based on the experience acquired from its asset management teams and on that of private and public institutional investors, together with the conviction that social, environmental and governance factors have an impact on the value of investments, the Banque de France has drawn up a responsible investment charter with attendant commitments and actions. The approach applies to its own funds and pension liabilities investment portfolios excluding those it holds in the framework of the monetary tasks entrusted to the Eurosystem.

Through these commitments, the Banque de France is acting fully in line with the views expressed in its CSR Charter, with its fiduciary responsibility as a long-term investor and with one of its tasks which is to safeguard financial stability, to which the mitigation of environmental risks contributes.

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