Our methodology

  • The TCFD methodology is applied as interpreted by the NGFS guide for central banks. Specifically, we follow the four-pillar approach recommended by the TCFD, and take into account the impact of climate-related risks on our balance sheet as well as on our missions: 
    • Governance: the Bank’s governance arrangements for climate-related risks and opportunities
    • Strategy: real and potential impacts of climate-related risks and opportunities for activities and actions taken to respond to these impacts
    • Risk management: processes used to identify assess and manage climate-related risks
    • Metrics and targets: metrics and targets used to assess and manage climate-related risks and opportunities
  • The report focuses on activities carried out by the Banque de France itself, referring to additional work at Eurosystem level where applicable
  • In its scope, the report is centred on climate risk management but may integrate elements relating to nature risk
  • It is a summary report, referring to more detailed publications where available
  • Metrics and targets associated with our objectives and actions: these metrics will be enhanced as our work advances and in accordance with data availability


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