Services provided by the Banque de France's cash-centres and economic units

Requests for exchange or reimbursement must be made in person at the counter. Sending banknotes by post is forbidden.

Things to know before calling at the Banque de France to request a reimbursement for damaged banknotes or an exchange of banknote denominations in the possession of an individual or legal entity:

  • For all large volume transactions, you should call in at a Banque de France cash centre open to the public.

  • Banknotes are only accepted from an adult natural person. You can bring damaged banknotes that belong to you or on behalf of a third party (a legal or natural person).

  • For amounts of EUR 800 or more, any reimbursement by the Banque de France, following an inspection of the damaged banknotes, is made exclusively by bank transfer to the account of the person bringing the banknotes or the third-party recipient of the transaction.

  • For amounts of EUR 795 or less, any reimbursement by the Banque de France, following an inspection of the damaged banknotes, can be made immediately but only by Banque de France cash centres that are open to the public.

  • For amounts of EUR 5,000 or more, it may take a few days to complete the reimbursement or exchange.

You must provide the following:

  • Proof of identity: You must have a valid photo ID with an identification number. If you are exchanging the banknotes on somebody else's behalf, similar ID for the recipient must also be shown. The following documents are acceptable:

- For French citizens: a national identity card (exceptionally, this may have expired), passport, driving licence, veterans identity card or military invalidity card. 

- For foreign nationals: a home country national identity card or passport, French temporary residence permit or permanent resident card, or a declaration of domiciliation for asylum seekers.

- For legal entities: the original or a copy of any deed or extract from the companies register issued within the last three months and noting the company name, legal form, address of the registered office and the names of the partners and company executives or their equivalent under foreign law. The name of the individual representing the legal entity for the purposes of the transaction should also be noted in this document.

  • Bank details, including the IBAN, of the recipient of the exchange or requested reimbursement.

  • Proof of origin of the funds: for a transaction of EUR 5,000 or more. The following documents are acceptable: bank statements, receipts for franc/euro exchanges, letters of attestation confirming cash withdrawals or any other official supporting document.

  • French customs cash declaration form (CERFA No. 13426) or declaration made by internet with a registration number: for non-residents for transactions of EUR 10,000 or more.

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