IBFI Benchmark Data Protection

The IBFI webinar on Data Protection brought together central bank representatives from around the world. The discussions show a greater focus on data protection regarding the implications of the GDPR on services offered to EU residents by non-EU companies.
The importance of the use of data in the context of the Bank's three main missions and the protection of personal data was presented by the Deputy Controller General.
The CNIL presented its report on its two main areas (support for professionals and repressive measures), as well as its roadmap for 2022.
The issues of data exchange between the EU and non-EU countries, and the compliance provisions for non-EU companies offering services to EU residents, have been addressed by the DPOs of the ECB and the AFD (French Development Agency).
The participants appreciated the quality of the various presentations, the interactivity of the exchanges and the practical application through a case study. Discussions focused on the determination of data processing responsibilities, the rights of data subjects, compliance with the RGPD and risks, particularly cyber risks.

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