Reserves management

Banque de France - Reserve Management Seminar - For official sector and sovereign institutions

Monday, 21 June – Friday,25 June 2021
Banque de France Conference Center
Headquarter in Paris - FRANCE

This seminar is dedicated to portfolio managers who wish to understand and master the principles of reserve management through a good understanding of money markets, bonds, foreign exchange markets and gold markets.
The main weekly topics will be :

  • Money market and fixed income investment strategies
  • Forex market overview, basic of spot trading and FX Swap
  • Gold market, structure, market participants, the latest developments

You will have the opportunity to study those topics thanks to overview sessions and practical workshops with real working conditions (ie Bloomberg workstation at your disposal).
This year, specific break-out sessions will be added and dedicated to Blockchain and artificial intelligence applied to Central Banks.
Please note that, if in full accordance with your Central Bank’s compliance policy, Banque de France could cover accommodation and lunchs’ costs.
We invite you to express your interest as soon as possible on Banque de France’s website :




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Investors Relationship Unit
Telephone :(33) 1 42 92 33 24
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