The economics of creative destruction

The Innovation Lab of College de France and the Banque de France are happy to announce a conference in honour of Philippe Aghion and Peter Howitt on the economics of creative destruction that will take place the 11 and 12 June 2020. The conference will gather many influential scholars around different topics selected by Professors Ufuk Akcigit, Emmanuel Farhi and John Van Reenen. Entry is free and no registration is needed.

Thursday, June 11   
09:00Opening Remarks
Thomas RÖMER, administrator of College de France
François VILLEROY DE GALHAU, governor of Banque de France.


Ufuk AKCIGIT as paper writer.
Richard BLUNDELL and Peter KLENOW as panelists.

10:00 Creative Destruction and the Labor Market

John HALTIWANGER and Gianluca VIOLANTE as paper writers.
Olivier BLANCHARD, Francis KRAMARZ, Christopher PISSARIDES and Alexandra ROULET as panelists.
11:00    Break
11:15Competition and Creative Destruction

Rachel GRIFFITH and John VAN REENEN as paper writers.
Martin HELLWIG, Ariel PAKES, Thomas PHILIPPON and Patrick REY as panelists.
12:15Trade and Innovation

Marc MELITZ and Stephen REDDING as paper writers.
and Daniel TREFLER as panelists.
13:15   Break
14:30Growth Measurement and Growth Decline

Sina ATES, Timo BOPPART and Huiyu LI as paper writers.
Gilbert CETTE, John FERNALD, Robert GORDON, Atif MIAN and Chad SYVERSON 
as panelists.
15:45 Political Economy of Creative Destruction

Salomé BASLANDZE, Matilde BOMBARDINI and Francesco TREBBI as paper writers.
James BESSEN, Timothy BESLEY, Leonardo BURSZTYN, Stelios MICHALOPOULOS and Guido TABELLINI as panelists.
17:00Growth and the Environment

Antoine DECHEZLEPRÊTRE, John HASSLER, David HÉMOUS and Nicholas STERN as paper writers.
Roland BENABOU, Patrick BOLTON, Christian GOLLIER, Roger GUESNERIE and Ralf MARTIN as panelists.
Friday, June 12    
08:30Growth Meets Development

Michael KREMER, Michael PETERS and Fabrizio ZILIBOTTI as paper writers.
Abhijit BANERJEE, Robin BURGESS, Esther DUFLO, Patrick FRANÇOIS, Chang-Tai HSIEH and Kjetil STORESLETTEN as panelists.
09:50Inequality and Creative Destruction

Richard BLUNDELL, Xavier JARAVEL and Otto TOIVANEN as paper writers.
Eve CAROLI, Oded GALOR and Cecilia GARCÍA-PEÑALOSA as panelists.
10:45    Break
11:00Taxation and Innovation

Jeremy GREENWOOD, Chad JONES and Stefanie STANTCHEVA as paper writers.
Jesús FERNÁNDEZ-VILLAVERDE, Sergio REBELO and John VAN REENEN as panelists
12:00Finance, Firm Dynamics and Growth

Murat CELIK and Şebnem KALEMLI-ÖZCAN as paperwriters.
Emmanuel FARHI, Josh LERNER, Ross LEVINE and Hélène REY as panelists.
13:00    Break
14:15Organization of Innovation

Nicholas BLOOM, Raffaella SADUN and David STRÖMBERG as paper writers.
Pierre AZOULAY, Oliver HART, Mark SCHANKERMAN and Jean TIROLE as panelists.

Science and Innovation

Bronwyn HALL, Julian KOLEV, Jacques MAIRESSE, Joel MOKYR, Fiona MURRAY and Scott STERN as paper writers.
Jeremy STEIN and Reinhilde VEUGELERS as panelists.

16:15   Break
16:30Innovation and Growth Policy

18:00  Concluding remarks

Philippe AGHION and Peter HOWITT.

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