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Taxation and labour market: lessons from public policy evaluation

The Aix-Marseille School of Economics and the Banque de France are organizing their 7th annual conference on taxation and labour markets with a special focus on public policy evaluation. The conference will take place on 6 and 7 December 2018 in Marseille, at the Aix-Marseille School of Economics.


December 6, 2018


Registration and coffee


Opening remarks by Stephen Bazen (AMSE) & Gilbert Cette (BdF-AMSE)


Keynote lecture #1:
Introduced by Loriane Py (BdF, IPP)

Revisiting the Impact of Social Security Contributions: Incidence and Inequality
Antoine Bozio (IPP, EHESS, PSE, IFS)


Coffee break


Session 1: Distributional effects of taxation
Chair: Eva Moreno-Galbis (AMSE)

Distributional Effects of Tax Composition Changes
Lisa Kerdelhué (AMSE-BdF), with Frédéric Dufourt (AMSE) & Océane Piétri (AMSE)

Incidence and Behavioral Responses to Changes in Local Business Taxation: Lessons from a Large Reform in France
Edouard Jousselin (BdF), with Antonin Bergeaud (BdF), Clément Carbonnier (Univ. of Cergy-Pontoise, LIEPP, BdF) & Clément Malgouyres (IPP)




Session 2: Job search and employment
Chair: Clément Carbonnier (University of Cergy-Pontoise, LIEPP, CAE, BdF)

Age discontinuity and labor market policy evaluation through the lens of job search theory
Bruno Decreuse (AMSE), with Guillaume Wilemme (AMSE)

A dynamic empirical model of spatial job search
Christian Schluter (AMSE) with Guillaume Wilemme (AMSE)

Local Diffusion of Short-Time Work
Sandra Nevoux (BdF, CREST-ENSAE, Ecole Polytechnique), with Eric Marcon (AgroParisTech) & Florence Puech (Univ.of Paris-Sud, CREST, RITM)


Coffee break


Round table: Policy measures, take up and implementation issues?
Chair: Corinne Prost (INSEE, DARES)

Antoine Bozio (IPP, EHESS, PSE, IFS)
Bruno Decreuse (AMSE)
Rafael Lalive (Univ. of Lausanne, CESifo, CEPR, IFAU, IZA)
Alain Trannoy (CNRS, EHESS, AMSE)

December 7, 2018


Session 3: Perception / understanding of tax and labor market policies
Chair tbc

Perceived nominal wage rigidities: Information coarsening vs. Bias
Clémence Berson (BdF), with Claire Lelarge (Univ. Paris Sud, CEPR, CREST, CAE) & Raphaël Lardeux (INSEE)

Tax (evasion) simplicity
Matthieu Lequien (BdF), with Philippe Aghion (Collège de France), Ufuk Akcigit (Univ. of Chicago) & Stefanie Stantcheva (Harvard Univ.)


Coffee break


Session 4: Pensions subsidies and employment of elderly
Chair: Stephen Bazen (AMSE)

The Effect of Pension Subsidies on Retirement Timing of Older Women: Evidence from a Regression Kink Design
Han Ye (Univ. of Manheim, IZA)

The French Pension Reforms and their Impact on Unemployed Older Workers
Kadija Charni (CNAM-CEET)


Mini break

12:00 – 13:00

Keynote lecture #2:

How do reforms for older workers affect labor supply and consumption?
Rafael Lalive (Univ. of Lausanne, CESifo, CEPR, IFAU, IZA)

13:00 – 13:15

Concluding remarks

13:15 - 14.00


Organizers: Loriane Py & Stephen Bazen

Contact: marine.bolea@univ-amu.fr

Webpages: AMSE & BdF

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