Using DSGE models for policy analysis (level 2)

This seminar is the second part of a two-session course on dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models. It will focus on using DSGE models for policy analysis in different area.


Dates: 12 - 16 October 2020

Apply before: 12 July 2020

Language: English

Location: Paris

Contact: Michel Juillard / Louis Bê Duc



This seminar will be organised and lead by Michel Juillard, Banque de France advisor and developer of the DYNARE Project, as well as by other Banque de France economists, experts in modelling.

Mornings will be dedicated to presentations of the main concepts, afternoons to case studies based on the DYNARE platform. The DSGE models will apply to the following domains:

  • Economic forecasting
  • Financial frictions
  • Open economy models
  • Emerging market economies
  • Optimal policy


This seminar is intended for central bank economists working in the field of macroeconomics and monetary policy with already some experience in DSGE models. Having attended the DSGE level 1 allows, but is not a precondition, to attending this course.

Participants will have prerequisites in economic modelling:

  • Academic training (PhD in economics, possibly Master only if relevant experience)
  • Actual experience for several years in economic modeling
  • Prior knowledge of Matlab or Octave software will be appreciated
  • A detailed CV is required
  • Participants should bring their PC with the Matlab or Octave software.

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